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COVID-19 Student Work

Thank you to the parents and students who attended my last Zoom class! It was so good to see your smiling faces! I covered information about our math assignments and about wrapping up the school year next week. For those of you who were not able to attend, here's the information I shared with them:

1.) Today and tomorrow morning is the last chance to turn in any work that has not already been done. For my classes, this includes the Studies Weekly quizzes (submitted automatically to me upon completion), 45 minutes of i-Ready math, and pages 1-11 in the at-home packets. Please either be prepared to turn these packets in next week, or to take photos of the completed pages and message them to me. 

2.) We have come up with a tentative schedule to help organize the clean-up and return any materials to the school in a timely fashion. Parents and students will be able to drive-thru the normal car pickup line to receive personal items left behind in the classroom, student awards, graduation certificates, and drop off any library books or Chromebooks they may have. See below for dates and times for each grade level.

Tuesday, May 19th
4th Grade-10:00-11:00
3rd Grade- 11:30-12:30
2nd Grade- 1:00-2:00

Wednesday, May 20th
1st Grade- 9:00-10:00
Kindergarten 10:30-11:30
Pre-K-  12:00-1:00
5th Grade- 1:30-2:30

We have accomplished SO MUCH this year and I am so proud to have been part of this journey with you. I love all of my students very much, and I hope to see you all next week! 


Week of 5/11/20:

As we enter our last week of at-home learning, I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication! I also wanted to give y'all a few updates. 

My last official Zoom class for going over work and strategies will be this Wednesday the 13th. This Friday the 15th will be the last day to submit or show me any bonus work. This includes pages 1-12 in your at-home work packets. Taking pictures of these work pages and messaging them to me is an acceptable way to turn them in, as well as showing me your work in Zoom class. 

I will open a Zoom classroom at 2pm Friday for this reason. It will not be an instruction day, just a day to answer questions about grades and take submissions. I will also be checking online that day for any completed studies weekly quizzes and 45 minutes of i-Ready math time.

For any questions or concerns, please message me directly.

Week of 5/4/20:

Good afternoon, parents and students! I have a few announcements for you all, so please excuse the long post. smiley 

I wanted to let everyone know that I have unlocked ALL Studies Weekly quizzes for the remainder of this school year. Students may take 1-2 quizzes per week to earn their points towards their final grade in Social Studies/Science. I will give bonus points based on accuracy and completion. For example, some students have started but not finished the quizzes, which means an incomplete grade. Others have completed the quiz but they are not passing them. Both of these situations means less points towards their final grades, so please make sure we continuing to give our best efforts!

Our next Zoom meeting is still scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm. We will be going over page 10. Students may turn in pages 9, 10, and 11 this week for bonus points towards their math grades. Parents may send me pictures of these pages to turn them in, as I have unfortunately not gotten a single completed page turned in through Google Classroom yet. You can show me the pages in Zoom, as well.

I am also tracking which students are active on iReady math. Ms. Threats and I are giving bonus grades for 45 minutes of time ON TASK each week. This means time spent on the lessons--not the games! Remember, students do NOT have to complete 45 minutes each day, just 45 minutes for EACH subject each week. Some kids are logging on and only completing math or only completing reading, but they must do both to earn their points for both subject grades. 

If anyone needs iReady passwords and usernames, please please please message one of us. I can also provide Studies Weekly and Zearn log-in information. These bonus point opportunities are here to help, so I'm proud of those who are still giving 100% even while we work from home. Let me know if I can help in any way! laugh


Week of 4/20/20:
Students may continue to work in the materials we provided last week, and aim to get 2-3 pages done each week.

You may find these documents at: 

These documents, along with 45 minutes of iReady math and 45 minute of iReady reading per week, will be our focus for the rest of the school year. I will be going over these pages with students in our Zoom classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Please check the “Zoom Class Info” section of this page for more information about how to join zoom. Additionally, please join my Google Classroom using the code found in the “Google Classroom Info” section of this page. Thank you! smiley


Week of 4/13/20:
Exciting news!! New printed materials for Shady Grove students may be picked up Tuesday-Friday at Richwood middle school from 8am-12pm! We will be using these materials in our Zoom lessons going forth. PLEASE make sure you either pick up these materials this week, or have them available to view or print at home from your personal computers. ALL SHADY GROVE TEACHERS will be working through Zoom beginning next week and we want to make sure everyone has access to these online lessons.laugh

Chromebooks will be passed out for 3rd-5th grade this Friday the 17th. Lower grades will receive them Monday the 20th. Please contact your homeroom teacher to request a chromebook! You will have to sign for them and then return then at a later date (to be announced). 


Week of 4/6/20:
Welcome to another week of learning from home! We’re excited to announce that ALL students in Ouachita parish are now free to get on iReady Math and Reading on your personal computers and tablets. If you need passwords and usernames, let me know!

Students may continue to work in their Zearn lessons. Those of you who have made it to Mission 7 on Zearn may continue to work on the next four lessons this week.

A lot of students are still on the lesson we ended at school, and that’s okay! I know that life is crazy right now and it can be difficult to find time. I hope to see them working to complete at least four lessons this week so we can try to catch up, but health and safety comes first, so please don’t stress! If there are any questions, please ask. 

The new week of social studies lessons is unlocked. I’m excited to see those of you who have used the website and taken the online quiz! This will definitely help to make sure no one falls too far behind.

iReady Math and iReady Reading are free to use at home on your personal computers and tablets. Students should aim to complete 45 minutes of each subject each week.
Remember, there are lots of fun educational games on iReady to keep them focused and busy! It’s an awesome resource! wink

The show must go on! I know we’re all working hard to keep everything running smoothly, and I appreciate that very much. I miss all of my students and can’t wait to see them again! heart

Let me know how I can help! I’m here for you guys as much as I can be! 😄

**Please check out the updated ZOOM CLASS INFORMATION section on this webpage!**

Week of 3/30/20

Good afternoon!
Students may continue to work in
Zearn this week on lessons 18, 19, and 20. They should continue their 45 minutes per subject each week on iReady, as well. The studies weekly magazine for last week will be open until 3/31. I’m happy to see more students logging in at home! Please continue to let me know of any issues with passwords and such. Thank you for all that you do!

Week of 3/23/20
Happy Monday! For this week, students should complete lessons 14, 15, 16, and 17 in their Zearn lessons. They need to also complete the associated work in their blue and pink workbooks to practice and strengthen these concepts.

For iReady Reading and Math, students need to complete 45 minutes of each for the week.

Students may now access their own Studies Weekly accounts for their social studies lessons at home! Please see the directions page for how to register and complete their weekly lessons, which will be pre-assigned. 

Message me for log-in information and any questions or concerns.   

Thank you all!


3/31/20 Update:
The new week of Social Studies lessons has been unlocked for you to use at home! If you need a registration/parent code for logging in the first time, please message me! I will unlock this week's quiz on this Friday the 3rd.

3/27/20 Update:
The social studies quiz is OPEN! Click “social studies quiz link” on the left sidebar for access.




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