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Work Assigned for COVID19

Google Classroom:

First of all you must log in to google. This will be a little different than at school because you have to add after your username number.

For example:

Then, you can put your normal password and get logged in.

Most all of you have been added to google classroom during the school year as we used it for tests, quizzes, and assignments. Do not put in the classroom code here unless you have never been added to any of my classes before. Just go to your ELA google classroom that we’ve had all year and that’s where the assignments will be. If you are not added to my google classroom, join with my class code: ysuy6xw. If you still have problems getting in, please email me at or message me on Class Dojo.


Google Classroom Assignments:

Assignments completed and passed will recieve bonus points that will go towards helping increase your child’s grades this scool year. 

Week of May 11-15   All bonus assignments MUST be turned in by Friday May 15th

Social Studies: Due Friday May 15

Login in to Social Studies Weekly.
Password: 1234

The Social Studies Weekly quiz has been posted on google classroom. You only get 1 chance to take the quiz.

Reading: Due Friday May 15

LESSONS 7-8 have been posted in Google Classroom. Just view the lesson and type in the answers in place of the red text. 

These reading assignments are from the iReady Reading packets that were available for pickup and online here:



Assignments that went home when we got out March 13.

Reading: Finish reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Youtube has recordings of this book. We finished Chapter 15 in class.

Reading: Complete the Culminating Writing Task. Below are the handouts that were sent home in case a student left it, was not there, or lost their paper. 

  1. Culminating Writing Task Directions
  2. Culminating Writing Task Brainstorming Handout:
  3. Culminating Writing Task Checklist:

Social Studies: “Create Your Own Civilization” handouts were sent home. These were torn out of workbooks given from the district and unfortunately, I do not have a digital copy. 

Spelling: Write and study each week’s spelling words.



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