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Work Assigned for COVID-19

Hello boys and girls!

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Governor John Bel Edwards has closed all K-12 schools beginning on Monday, March 16. While we as teachers are no longer able to teach you in person, we hope that you continue your educational journey with us virtually. On Friday, March 13 you were given a “4th grade math review” packet from me along with review packets in reading and social studies from your other teachers. For those of you who were absent on that day, packets and fluency practice sheets are available for pick up at SGE from 8am-1pm in the foyer. I would like to encourage you to complete a portion of that packet daily along with working on our online curriculum (Zearn and i-Ready Math).


Our goal for Zearn is that each student pass 4 lessons each week. These lessons are designed to adapt to students’s struggle and gives them one-on-one instruction in a “Math Chat” or “Learning Lab.” Another component of Zearn is the “Tower of Power.” During the “Tower of Power,” students will be able to complete independent practice that is aligned to Louisiana Math State Standards. When students struggle, they will get a “boost.” This helps redirect struggling students to better understand the skill. These lessons should take about 30-45 minutes to complete. That is only 2-3 hours per week! The link is If you have forgotten your password, have your parent send me a message on ClassDojo and I will be happy to send it to you. 


The i-Ready program has both math and reading components. For each of them, our goal is 45 minutes on task per week. This can be broken up into three 15-minute increments if needed. The link is If you have forgotten your username and password, have your parent send me a message on ClassDojo and I will be happy to send it to you. 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Class code: qi72g4i

Join my class!!

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1 (March 16-20): Work on Zearn (4 lessons) and i-Ready (45 minutes) only

Week 2 (March 23-27): Continue working on Zearn (4 lessons) and i-Ready (45 minutes). Use the link above as review and complete the 3 short quizzes listed below. These quizzes will also be assigned on google classroom. You will most likely need pencil and paper when completing these quizzes. The MWF days are just a suggestion. These three quizzes can be completed any day or time during this week. 



‚ÄčWeek 3 (March 30- April 3): SPRING BREAK! For this week, I want you to play, do some household learning like cooking and laundry… life skills! Read some books, practice your math facts, but overall have some fun! There will be no quizzes assigned to google classroom this week. 

Week 4 (April 6-10): 

week 4 agenda


Week 5 (April 13-19): 

week 5 agenda


Week 6 (April 20-26): 

week 6 agenda

Week 7 (April 27 – May 3): 

schedule april 27-may 3


Week 8 (May 4-10): 

schedule may 4-10

Boys and girls, I miss you so much and hope you all stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Coons :)