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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Class Dojo is our online positive behavior management system. Students will receive good points for good behavior, assignment completion, etc. They will lose points for inappropriate behavior. Lost points contribute to their conduct grades in my class. One conduct mark is -3 points on the grade scale, regardless of the point value.

For example, a student with 2 conduct marks each day for 5 days multipled by -3 is a total of -30 points, or a 70D.

Connected parents will get notifications whenever their students
receive or lose points and may log in at any time to get a summary of their performance. Message me today to receive an invite to join our class and get connected! laugh

Go to to sign up and get connected, or download the app on your SmartPhone or Tablet. Message me to receive an invite to join our class.yessmiley

Zearn is a K-5 math curriculum and classroom model designed for differentiation & engagement. Students complete individualized computer lessons with digital manipulatives, personalized remediation, and paper and pencil tasks. The other component of Zearn is the small group lesson. Teacher-led small group lessons use concrete manipulatives, direct feedback, and opportunities to explain reasoning.

Zearn is free for your student to use at home and school on a daily basis! Parents, now is a great chance to get really involved with your child’s learning! Have fun! laugh

“About Studies Weekly:

We integrate printed weekly units in newspaper format with web-based multi-media resources to share stories and teach standards. This print/web combined platform creates high-level Student Engagement and facilitates Deep Learning and Critical Thinking.

Our embedded lesson plans and assessments foster Good Decision-Making skills because we know that standards inform (cognitive domain) and stories inspire (affective domain). Thus, intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are engaged. Together, these learning experiences inspire human hearts, engage minds, and profoundly impact student well being.”

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At the beginning of each module with our new homework books, you’ll find a calendar stapled to the back of the workbook (unless I was really busy that morning, in which I definitely still passed it out to them).

This calendar organizes the lessons which are due each week. Four lessons each week, ONE lesson each night. PLEASE do not work ahead in these homework books! If I haven’t taught the lesson yet, it would be doing the students a big disservice, as they will probably do the work incorrectly and lose points. sad


Yes, students will have homework each night, excluding Friday. Complete one page each day according to the calendar, which can be found stapled to the back of the workbook. It may also be found in the documents section of this webpage.

Homework is intended to help strengthen the day’s lesson. When homework is skipped, half of that child’s learning for the day is also essentially skipped. Thank you to the numerous parents who work with their children each night! You’re truly helping me to help them meet their goals and full potential! It takes a village! heart

Students have 2-3 workbooks, rather than textbooks
blue workbook is the one we use during our small group lessons. This work mirrors the homework, so you can use the examples as a guide for how to properly complete the homework. yes

pink workbooks are the aforementioned homework books. A lesson calendar complete with due dates can be found stapled to the back of the workbook. It may also be found in our class documents page