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Class Photos and Videos

Mrs. Robin Stockton Underwood started this page during Covid-19 break from school. She’s a first grade teacher who loves her students and loves to read and help them learn anyway she can. She is a mom to 3 teenagers, Grace, Emma, and Roger and wife to a basketball coach, Geoffrey for more than 20 years.   We all love basketball. Mrs. Underwood coaches the teams at her school and tutors after school to help students who have gaps help close those gaps in learning. We have two large rescue dogs – Buddy a 115 lb bull mastiff who thinks he is a lap dog and Rex a 90 lb very loving Pitt bull black lab mix.  I did not take the traditional route to be a teacher I have twenty plus business experience in banking, mortgages, marketing, call center, event management,  nonprofit, and social media. I had always worked with kids in a volunteer capacity. I found my true calling when I stepped foot in classroom #218 Fall of 2018. Thanks for joining Mrs. Underwood's online family.