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Work Assigned for COVID-19

Parents and Students,

For the week of May 4-8 go to Then click on the Home Learning tab. Then click on 3-5 Home Learning Resources. Scroll down half way and click on the link under Amplify.

The lower grades will click on Grade 1 and then click on Spinning Earth lesson library (YouTube).   Click on the third video on the right entitled “Spinning Earth, Chapter 1, Lesson 1.2b”. After you watch the video, answer the following questions. (1) Why can’t we see stars in the daytime? (2) Today we read a story about two kids who observe the sky at night. What was on the cover of the book that helped up predict what we would read in the story? (3) Based on what we read in our story, what can we observe in the sky during the night?

The upper grades will click on grade 3. Then click on the Weather and Climate Library in YouTube. Click on the third video entitled “Weather and Climate, Chapter 1, Lesson 3”. After you watch the video, complete the temperature experiment and then answer the following questions. (1) How was temperature measured in the experiment? (2) Which cup of water was the hottest? Be sure to tell why. (3) How would you describe 50 degrees Farenheit?

Feel free to join your child as they explore science! Next week we will learn about how meteorologist collect weather data. Have fun completing a lesson each week!

Mary Jenkins