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Did you know that you can still take Accelerated Reader tests from home?? click here


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Ive been looking for ways to get access to ome of your favorite books while at home.

Check the side bar or down below for suggested reading (and quiz numbers!) can be accessed from 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Check back regularly for lists of AR books that can be found online!

AR List for Epic!





You dont have to be a reader to get your child interested in reading. Talking with your child about what they are reading is a good way to help them become a better reader! here are some topics and questions to get you started.

What was your favorite book as a child??

Which book from your childhood have you shared with your children??

Have you read a book today??

What did you learn from the book you are reading in class this week??

What is your favorite book series?? Have you told an adult or a friend about it??

Imagine you are writing a children’s book. Who would be the characters?? What would they do?? Will the ending be happy? sad? or leave the reader looking for another chapter!



Children who read for 30 mins a day score in the 90% range on tests. (Thats better than 15 of their classmates!!) 

Reading during “down time” in class is 9 out of 10 times effective in preventing negative classroom behavior!! (and a great way to make sure you can attend the Positive Behavior Pep rally!)



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